"The Judge (Curiel) Is Doing His Job." Who Said It? Donald Trump's Lawyer


It must be somewhat embarrassing to have your inane drivel undercut by your own attorney. It’s likely worse when that drivel is undercut before you launched into a stupid racist tirade, declaring a judge overseeing your case to be “unfair” because “he’s a Mexican” and you’re building a wall.


Welcome to the freak show that is Donald Trump’s campaign.

Trump, who has managed to convince many of his less than intelligent groupies that Judge Gonzalo Curiel is the second coming of Cesar Chavez, is constantly spouting lies about the Trump University case. Now it appears Trump’s own attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, has undercut several of the arguments Trump has made about Curiel. The best part? The comments were made a month ago.

On that bit about the Judge needing to recuse himself from the case?

“The judge is doing his job,” said Daniel Petrocelli, shaking his head, when asked if planned to seek Curiel’s recusal. “We’re not seeking to recuse the judge.”


How about those “unfair” rulings the judge has made against Trump?

Petrocelli, a renowned civil litigator who has spearheaded Trump’s defense in the Trump University case, praised Curiel after the May 6 hearing and for good reason: The judge had arguably done Trump a huge favor. The plaintiffs in the case, who claim they were defrauded out of tens of thousands of dollars they paid for Trump University seminars they say were largely worthless, had pushed for a trial date this summer in the 6-year-old case — right after the Republican Party convention. “Justice delayed is justice denied,” Jason Forge, one of the plaintiff’s lawyers, had argued to Curiel that day. “There are people who are still paying off their debts for the money they paid to Trump University.”

But Curiel rejected that argument and pushed the trial back to Nov. 28 so as not to interfere with Trump’s campaign for president. It was no small break for the presumptive GOP candidate, since he is the lead defendant in the case and would likely be the chief witness in a trial that is expected to last at least a month.

Although Petrocelli had sought a trial date in February — by which time Trump, if he wins the election, would actually be president — he praised Curiel’s ruling that day. “We’re pleased that this case is not going to trial [while] Mr. Trump is preparing for the presidential election,” he told reporters outside the courtroom. “We think that’s a sound decision by the court.”



Of course, a Presidential candidate with some sense of self-awareness would have chosen to take a different path. But we’re talking about Donald Trump where the M.O. is, “Shoot first, then backtrack and lie about it later.”


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