Trump And Hillary: A Tale Of Two Unfit Candidates For President


I keep hearing from some people about my refusal to support Donald Trump for President. “Why would you risk turning the country over to Hillary Clinton for four or maybe eight years?” My response is to argue Donald Trump is no better.


There are measures for determining who people should choose for President. The idea that conservatives should vote for Trump because he’s the GOP nominee and he’s not Hillary is the worst kind of advocacy. People want a reason to vote for somebody. Sometimes, the “lesser of two evils” is the best you can do but in this case, it is not.

The issue is, fitness for office counts for quite a bit and neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton fit the bill. The Presidency is serious business and while one can argue people are not right for the job based on their views and policies, fitness for office is something completely different.

So the question is, “Why?”

Why are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump not fit to be President? There are many reasons and different ones for both of them but they do have one thing in common and that is, their motivation for seeking the highest office in the land.

To be President of the United States means to be a public servant. Neither of these two are motivated by wanting to serve the public.

For Hillary, she thinks of the Presidency as a coronation. She toiled away with hicks in Arkansas for years before becoming First Lady where she had no power at all to do anything. Still, she knew it was part of her path, brushing aside the indignities she suffered due to her philandering husband because he was able to assist in her quest.


She carpet-bagged her way to a Senate seat where she never did anything of any value, looking to parlay into a Presidential nomination. Only Barack Obama got in the way. So she padded he resume with a lousy turn as Secretary of State. Now she has her chance again, and she’s certain an old fart socialist nor Donald Trump will prevent her from receiving the crown she so richly believes she deserves.

As for Donald Trump, only word comes to mind when exploring his motivations: Power. Does anybody really think he gives a rat’s ass about middle income people? Do think he cares about civil liberties? Do you think he cares about immigration? Whenever Donald Trump speaks of what he can do, he always does it in the context of himself.

Donald Trump is like Isildur from The Lord of The Rings. He slayed the beast by winning the primary but now comes the hard part.  The part of the story where he has to lead. Trump says he always surrounds himself with the best people. That is not true. He surrounds himself with sycophants. Now that the time has come where has to relinquish some of that power and allow people to do what they do best and also understand that he is not ruling with an iron fist, but one third of a constitutional republic his response is?



This is why he makes threats about loosening  libel laws, shooting his mouth off about the independent judiciary and threatening the very party he represents, telling them he wants certain people to toe the Trump line. Does sound like a person who wants to serve the public?

What we have are two candidates seeking to reach the highest office in the land for their own selfish reasons that far outweigh the idea of being a public servant. That motivation, serves as a starting point for their unfitness for office. Votes are earned.

Neither of them have earned it.


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