Marco Rubio Will Vote For Trump And It Means His Criticisms Of Trump Are Worthless


The notion that Trump is terrible but one will vote for him anyway because of some “pledge” is asininity on a monster level. There is no way to whitewash it. You don’t claim a man is acting like a “third world strongman” along with various other criticisms and then say, “Oh yeah, I am totally going to vote for him.”


Senator Rubio has been one of the most critical voices of Donald Trump. But what does any of that really mean? Rick Perry cast aside his accusations that Donald Trump is a “cancer on conservatism” in order to not only say he’d vote for Trump but endorsed him and said he’d consider being Trump’s VP. 

While Rubio is not going that far, the question still remains: What are you thinking? Rubio has criticized Donald Trump on nearly every front. He has criticized his foreign policy, domestic policy, his stances on social issues, his flip flopping, his corruption, his temperament, his bankruptcies and more. He has questioned Trump’s fitness for office. Rubio is saying all of this yet saying he’s still going to vote for Donald Trump.

What is the point? Some people will argue that Rubio is holding to his word and the GOP pledge by voting for Trump. I get that, but something has to give. Would you call somebody a liar, con man, thief, and a jerk only turn around and say, “Oh yeah, I’ll go into business with that guy.”

I can “pledge” to do something as well, but the idea that a pledge cannot be broken is nonsense. There needs to be a good faith error on both sides. Donald Trump doesn’t give a crap about anybody else but himself. He wants “teamwork” only when it benefits him. If he hadn’t won the nomination, does anybody really think Trump wouldn’t have broken the pledge? He would have done without apology claiming he did so because other candidates were “being very unfair” to him.


It is this kind of thinking that has left people disillusioned and cynical about politicians and politics. What is the point of getting involved, investing both time and money into trying to help a candidate win, only to have him say he’s willing to support a candidate he’s said stands in opposition to everything he stands for?

It’s time for somebody to stand up and say, “No.” . If Donald Trump doesn’t represent conservatism or even the ideals of the Republican Party, why are no prominent GOP presidential candidates speaking out? Trump is on the verge of “winning” but the fact is, he still only garnered 40% of the overall vote. A good 60% of the GOP primary electorate voted for somebody other than Donald Trump.

Thankfully, Senator Ben Sasse has been leading the charge against Donald Trump. More people in the GOP need to do the same. Donald Trump is going to be a disaster for the GOP and people need to know this.

I don’t expect politicians to be perfect. But this one is a no-brainer. If a person is unfit for the office of President, then such a person doesn’t deserve a vote.


The pledge be damned.

I’m sorry Senator Rubio. But your criticisms of Donald Trump mean nothing if you vote for him.





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