Watch Man-Child Trump Whine That Chris Cuomo Doesn't Congratulate Him (VIDEO)

Is Donald Trump a presumptive GOP presidential nominee or a young girl who gets upset when not everybody tells her she’s pretty? There will not be enough ibuprofen manufactured to deal with all of the times people’s heads will be hitting their desks every time Donald Trump says something absurd.


This morning he called into (a mistake the media keeps making. Stop allowing him to call in via the phone!) CNN to talk to Chris Cuomo. Cuomo, as most hosts will do, jumped right into the questions and did not make small talk with Trump and this irked him. Especially because Cuomo didn’t stroke his ego.

Check this out:

Here is the transcript:


I am not fan of Cuomo. In fact, I think he’s a horrendous journalist but when did it become his job to offer congratulations to Donald Trump?

I think I do have a handle on why Trump believes hosts should be slobbering over his success. Trump is used to it from these two:


Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, an incompetent and corrupt Democrat candidate looks like the reasonable one every day in comparison to Trump.





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