Watch Dana Perino Remind People Why GWB Won't Endorse Trump (VIDEO)


Politics can be a dirty game at times. Politicians sometimes say things about other politicians that could be deemed “mean” or “below the belt.” They’ll even do this against members of their own party as we have seen in both the GOP and Democrat primaries.


There are times however, when such attacks go too far. Donald Trump, never one to be subtle or care a whit about the truth when it comes to his own ambitions, is a champion at this kind of thing.

As it has been revealed recently, former President George W. Bush has said he will not attend the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and will not endorse Donald Trump for President.

Naturally, this has set off Trump supporters (are there Trump supporters who are not always angry?) who lashed out at the former President for not being “unifying” in seeking to defeat Hillary Clinton. Trump supporters are remarkable in their ability to vacillate between outrage over not supporting Trump (“Your lack of support is going to cost us the election!!!”) to supposed indifference (“Oh who cares if you don’t want to vote for him? We don’t need you anyway!”).

On Fox’s ‘The Five’ the other day, Dana Perino reminded everybody exactly why GWB wasn’t going to endorse Trump:


GUILFOYLE: Do you have a follow-up, Dana?

PERINO: No, I just think that for one, I think George H.W. Bush is 91- years-old, he is retired from politics. So I think that take him off the table if you want to fight with — about George W. Bush and his decision not to. I think that it is a principled one. Remember, if it’s Donald Trump hat suggested that he knew about 9/11, that he knew that there were no WMD and he lied his way into war, and he should have been impeached a as war criminal. I mean, that’s pretty hard to overcome. So I think that the fact that he has said he’s going to stay out of it.

Yes, it is a principled one. Who wants to endorse the candidate who spouts nonsense like a leftist?


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