Joe Scarborough Insults #NeverTrump Movement And Compares Trump To This Icon (VIDEO)


What in the world has happened to Joe Scarborough? I mean, seriously. This is a guy who was all about the “CLOWN SHOW!” during the 2012 election when people like Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were vying for the Republican nomination.

And yet here he is in 2016 hitching his wagon to the Clown Prince of Cheetos Clowns, Donald Trump. The man can’t express a coherent thought to save his life. His idea of policy is to shout at his rallies, “What are we going to build?” waiting for his minions to shout, “A wall!” and then go on to yell about how Mexico is going to pay for it.

Compared to Donald Trump, the 2012 versions of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum look like John Adams and Abraham Lincoln. Yet Scarborough has the temerity to bash Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz? Really?

Apparently, behaving as though Bozo Trump is actually a mainstream candidate wasn’t enough for Joe. No, today on Morning Joe, he decided he was going to insult the #NeverTrump movement. A coalition of voters who said they will never support Donald Trump, no matter what. Watch what he says here and keep watching because he says something else that is astounding:

Twelve people? This is where Scarborough comes off not knowing a damned thing that he’s talking about. Now of course, he’ll say he was exaggerating but the fact is, he’s purposely understating how many people will not vote for him and Joe is wrong. It is going to be mainstream Republicans who pull the lever every time they walk into a voting booth no matter who the nominee is. Conservatives – real conservatives – are not being played for fools like so many Trump supporters are. We know he’s a fraud.

And the comparison to Reagan is really a joke. People didn’t just “take a chance” with Ronald Reagan. He won’t by NINE POINTS. His electoral college victory was 489-49. Took a chance? They looked at Reagan and said, “Him!” and then watched as he trounced Jimmy Carter.

What Scarborough is doing is attempting to set up the same narrative as Trump supporters: When Trump loses to Hillary, Joe can then go and blame the supposedly tiny #NeverTrump movement for sitting on their normal size hands and not voting for Sausage Finger King.

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