5 Reasons Ted Cruz Is The Best Choice For President


I think it is clear at this point, the entire editorial staff RedState is opposed to a Trump GOP nomination and I’m not sure any of them could make a convincing case, even to me, why he’d be a better President than Hillary Clinton. But that goes out the window with Ted Cruz, who would be a far better choice as the nominee. As for President? It would be laughable to even consider for a conservative to consider between Cruz and Clinton, who would make the better President.

The question naturally is “Why?”

Why is Ted Cruz the best choice for President? It’s easy to say, “He’s not Trump!” and that is true. But people want a reason to vote for somebody. There are a number of reasons to vote for Ted Cruz and here are five of them:

1. Supreme Court Nominees – There is already a vacancy and the possibility of 1-2 more in the next four to eight years. Is there any doubt a President Cruz wouldn’t nominate a replacement for Antonin Scalia who wouldn’t be in the mold of Scalia? It’s a slam dunk. In fact, conservatives could rely on Cruz to nominate solid conservatives throughout the judicial spectrum.

2. Federalism – It’s not a sexy subject, but Senator Cruz knows there are times when the federal government should stay out of the business of the states and allow them to make decisions at that level, rather than the top down.

3. Tax policy and the IRS – I am admittedly not entire sold on Senator Cruz’s tax plan, but I am with him 100% on how he feels about the IRS. President Obama’s refusal to punish anybody over the IRS scandal that targeted conservative groups for far greater scrutiny than liberal groups is appalling. The IRS seemingly operates with impunity and I am certain if Senator Cruz is elected, we’ll see more beyond pointless hearings.

4. Foreign policy and national security – Let me put it this way. Russian fighter jets would not be buzzing US destroyers in the Baltic with Ted Cruz in office. Putin was clearly trolling President Obama by doing that and revealing how little he thinks of him. Cruz’s foreign policy seems to rest somewhere between that of Senator Rand Paul and Senator Marco Rubio. Willing to intervene where necessary but requiring a solid foundation for doing so.

5. The economy – While Presidents don’t have direct control over how the economy operates, policies they put in place can and do factor into how the economy operates. There is little doubt President Obama’s penchant for regulations and stifling growth of one sector of business in order to try and boost another has created an environment where growth is weak. Obama brags about jobs all the time but there is no economic growth. Senator Cruz understands that pulling back and allowing the free market to be….free….is what allows growth to flourish. The country needs that.

I know there are people who would still prefer somebody else. It’s understandable but this is where we are and of all the candidates still in the race, there is no better choice for the country than Ted Cruz.

It’s time to put aside petty nonsense because your preferred choice is no longer in the race. Put your big boy (and girl) pants on, grow up, and and instead of sitting there with arms folded and a raised chin saying, “Hmph!”, get involved and do something so we don’t turn this country over to Hillary Clinton for at least the next four years.

Ted Cruz in 2016.

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