New FOX Poll: Trump Thumped By Hillary In General; Cruz/Hil Dead Heat

Rethink Trump

How many times has Donald Trump falsely claimed he beats Hillary in the polls? Every time you turn around a new poll is out showing Trump getting beaten by Hillary in the general election and handily.

The latest Fox News poll is no different.

In a head to head matchup, Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump, 48% to 41%. This is just part of a trend of different polls that show Trump losing to Hillary.

Trump’s Real Clear Politics average deficit against Hillary is 10 points. Take a look at the RCP table showing all of the polls going back to February. Trump lead in exactly one poll and that one was well within the margin of error. (Click for full size)



People will argue that we’re seven months from the general election and therefore these polls don’t matter much. To an extent that is true. However, unlike national primary polls which truly are meaningless, national general election polls trend with what is happening in the states. Trump’s negatives are so high that he would get beaten easily in states like Ohio and Virginia.

Trump is currently doing nothing but bleating about Colorado claiming the state completely changed how it selects delegates because he got into the race. If the powers that be in Colorado had the foresight in August of 2015 to know Colorado’s delegates would be so important to the nomination, then I want to get my Powerball numbers from them.

At a time when Trump should be looking to build support, he continues to burn bridges. That creates the negatives and that’s why he continues to show that he’d be trounced by Hillary Clinton in November.

Incidentally, in this same poll, Ted Cruz is in a statistical dead heat with Hillary. John Kasich is leading Hillary by a decent margin but….it’s Kasich. Whatever.