NEW PA POLL: Trump Up BIG Over Cruz; Kasich Mucking Things Up


A new Monmouth poll was released showing Donald Trump with a 16 point lead over Ted Cruz in the state of Pennsylvania. Currently the numbers are as follows:

Trump – 44%


Cruz – 28%

Kasich – 23%

Kasich, who was born in the state, obviously has no roots there. Nearly half of all voters didn’t even know he was born there so as as been the case in most of the contests outside of Ohio, Kasich is there just to screw things up.

Expect A Lot Of Whining From Donald Trump About The Delegate Allocation

Trump, who has been acting like the “establishment” is making the rules up as they go along with respect to delegates as I have long said, is looking to delegitimize the process so that if he does not get the nomination he can say it was “stolen” from him.

Even if Trump wins by 16 points in PA, he will only get 17 delegates out of the 71 PA has for receiving the most votes. The other 54 delegates are elected directly by others and are not bound to any candidate.

Trump will bluster and cry, blaming it all on the “establishment” and the RNC despite the fact, PA has done it this way for a long, long time.

It won’t matter. It’s just another way for Trump to whip up his rube supporters that actually believe anything that comes out of his mouth, no matter how crazy.

One thing I did notice about the poll is 25% have only a slight preference for a candidate (9%) or haven’t yet made up their mind (16%) so there is some room there for Cruz to improve.



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