(VIDEO) Hilarious. Watch "Just Like You" Hillary Struggle With Metrocard On The Subway


As most people know, Hillary Clinton hasn’t driven a car in 20 years. Her preferred method of travel is via private jet and she’s carted around by handlers and the Secret Service any other time. Hillary is the worst kind of elitist. She’s extremely wealthy and powerful. She can talk about her humble upbringing any time she wants but the fact is, she’s completely out of touch.


So it really doesn’t come as any surprise to watch her struggle to use something like a metrocard in the NYC subway. Take a look:

Granted, everybody has had an issue at one point or another with one of these things, but she had to swipe it 5 times in order to get it to work and you have to wonder if she knew at all what she was doing.

Sure enough, her people knew this was not going to look good and came riding to the rescue:

Christina Reynolds just happens to be Hillary’s deputy communications director.

What a coincidence.



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