BREAKING: Exit Polls Show Cruz With A Big Lead Over Trump In Wisconsin


The exit polls released earlier showed signs of what was coming. These exits show that Ted Cruz is on his way to crushing Donald Trump in Wisconsin tonight.

Here are the exit poll numbers from the Decision Desk:


Cruz – 48.66%

Trump – 37.28%

Kasich – 12.06%

Other – 2%

If these numbers even come close to the actual results, this is not just a loss, it is a crushing loss. One that might prove to be an indicator of things to come.

Also, there’s ominous signs elsewhere that are found in some other exit polls. 

“Exit polls: Evangelicals surge to Cruz, independents lean Trump in Wisconsin”

Evangelical voters were flocking to Ted Cruz in Tuesday’s Wisconsin Republican primary hours before polls close, in the latest sign of the Texas senator’s strength in the state — while independents were breaking, to a lesser degree, for Donald Trump, according to exit polls.

Early exit polls showed Cruz enjoying his highest support of the campaign among the evangelical Christian voting bloc.

Fifty-three percent said they were supporting Cruz, while 35 percent were going for Trump. Just 11 percent said they back Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

It could be a long night for Donald Trump.


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