Even Toure Understands The Damage The Donald Is Doing To Conservatism


Donald Trump’s appetite for the taste of his own feet, seemingly knows no end. RedState could have an open thread that lasts for days allowing people to discuss all of the idiocy that has come out of Trump’s pie-hole. Every day there is something new. Usually, it is walked about some time later after picturing some aide slapping him across the face with a white glove shouting, “What is the matter with you?”


Trump is the embodiment of every leftist trope thrown out about conservatives by the left. His comments on abortion in a town hall forum with MSNBC and host Chris Matthews were a disgrace: 

Trump’s initial comments on Wednesday came after a lengthy exchange with MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who pressured the Republican to give a yes or no answer to the question, “should abortion be punished.”

“There has to be some form of punishment,” Trump said during a televised town hall event.

“For the woman?” Matthews asked, to which Trump replied, “Yes.”

First of all, this reveals an unheralded level of ignorance on the part of Trump regarding the views of those in the pro-life movement. Two major pro-life organizations, March for Life and The National Right To Life Committee both blasted Trump for his comments. Anybody part of the mainstream pro-life movement will tell you there has never been advocacy for penalizing women for having an abortion.

So why would Trump say something like that?

Some people would argue a deep conspiracy. That Trump makes these outrageous statements or claims as part of an ongoing campaign to assure Hillary of a win in November. That sounds like the more exciting reason but that’s a rather silly theory.


It is much simpler than that: Trump is not a conservative and therefore throws out the extreme stuff he has heard thinking that it’s actually the GOP/conservative position on an issue. 

He doesn’t know.

He has spent the majority of his adult life being a Democrat. It’s only when he began to explore running for President on a major party ticket that he found he needed to shift his views in order to get in on the Republican side.

The problem is, he hurts conservatism every single time he rattles off something dumb despite “clarifying” later. Nobody cares about the clarification. The moment that foolish viewpoint about punishing women who have abortions, he immediately gave an opening for leftists to take the position and apply it to all conservatives and people in the GOP. That is exactly what Planned Parenthood did.

Last night, left wing provocateur and sometimes 9/11 truther, Toure, tweeted the following:

Even he understands.

He likely doesn’t care as he sees a Trump nomination as an easy victory for Hillary Clinton. That’s the worst part of all of this. Liberals can tell the truth about Donald Trump and they’re laughing their asses off the entire time. They couldn’t have asked for the better embodiment of the most ridiculous conservative ever formed. Trump makes the blustery right wing caricature of a conservative Stephen Colbert made famous, look completely sane.


For the longest time, Donald Trump was able to scrape by with cheap buzz phrases, platitudes and overly generic public policy “proposals” and “solutions.”

Now that the GOP race is down to three people, Trump is under increasing scrutiny by the press and some voters. The results has thus far been, in the words of Trump himself, a disaster.


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