Andrea Tantaros Is Clueless As To How NATO Works (VIDEO)


It pains me at times to watch cable news. I say pain because there are people who routinely show up and who are likely making six figures. That’s great for them. Capitalism is a wonderful thing. That said, when they open their mouths, it’s all I can do to keep myself from throwing my things at my television.


Andrea Tantaros of Fox News is a full blown supporter of Donald Trump. Whether she protests like Eric Bolling does laughingly, that she’s not on the “Trump bandwagon”, is something I am not aware of. I tend not to watch when she is on.

However, snippets of her appearances are brought to my attention and this one where she appeared on The O’Reilly Factor just made my jaw drop. Watch:

Doesn’t have the economics to win?

Watching her babbling, you can see O’Reilly looking at her if she had horns growing out of her head because she obviously had no idea what she’s talking about.

NATO is called an “organization” but it’s really an official alliance between 28 nations. They don’t have a budget they have to work through in order to take action.

Members agree that an armed attack against any one of them in Europe or North America is considered an attack against them all.


This would include France and Belgium where clearly their have been armed attacks against them by ISIS.

NATO countries have 3.6 million active personnel and 3.7 million reserve personnel for a total 7.3 million military personnel who can fight. Creating a force large enough to destroy ISIS on the ground can be accomplished. For Tantaros to say it couldn’t happen because Sausage Fingers Trump thinks NATO is no longer necessary, is just ridiculous.


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