Breitbart Reporter Files Police Report Against Trump's Guy, Corey Lewandowski


The talk has come fast and swift from Trump supporters towards Breitbart’s Michelle Fields. “If Corey Lewandowski harmed you, file charges!” Well, that is apparently what has been done:


Michelle Fields has filed a police report against Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for Donald Trump.

Independent Journal Review has learned from a source familiar with the events that Fields has filed a report with the police department in Jupiter, Florida, which is the jurisdiction where the alleged incident occurred.

Detective Adam Brown of the Jupiter PD confirmed she had filed, and said they would be releasing a statement shortly.

Fields says that Lewandowski grabbed her arm when she attempted to ask Trump a question at the end of his presser following Tuesday’s election results.

Now it is official and somebody is lying. Why? Because Lewandowski tweeted publicly to Fields that she’s making it up:


Filing a false police report is a serious matter and if Fields is lying, she could face criminal charges herself. However, if Lewandowski is lying, then his public denial is going to look really bad. And he could be charged with assault.

Interesting as well is that Lewandowski had confirmed to Breitbart writer Matt Boyle that he had roughed up Shields, mistaking her for a just a regular member of the press. As if that would made it ok. Boyle, who is never one to keep quiet, hasn’t said much since.

Let’s see where this goes.


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