I'm For Rubio But Will Support Ted Cruz Over Trump Without Question


When you look at the numbers, there is no better candidate to take on Hillary Clinton than Marco Rubio. That’s not bias. Look at the numbers. Nobody beats Hillary more consistently than Rubio. He has the highest favorables of any of the GOP candidates still standing. It is not that Rubio is “electable” – it is that he is the candidate with the best chance to win. 


Unfortunately for Rubio, this doesn’t seem to be his year (at least as it stands now) in the Republican primary. Voters are looking for something different which partially explains why that charlatan, Donald Trump is leading the race and why Ted Cruz, who has made bashing DC a pastime of his since being elected is right there as well.

Rubio has had a difficult run. It didn’t help that Jeb Bush’s Super PAC, Right To Rise spent nearly $25 million attacking him instead of Donald Trump, but it is what it is. Rubio’s self inflicted wound during the debate prior to New Hampshire at the behest of Fat Judas Christie cost him plenty and since then has not been able to fully recover.

Should Rubio be able to pull out the win in Florida, it would certainly change things. That would deny Trump 99 delegates.

That said, if Rubio loses, then there really is no valid reason he could give to continue, especially if John Kasich wins Ohio — and right now, Kasich has a better chance of winning his home state than Rubio.

If that were to happen, I would happily put my support behind Ted Cruz. Can Cruz win? I think he can for two reasons:

  1. Hillary Clinton is one of the worst political candidates I have seen in my lifetime. She’s on par with Bob Dole in her awfulness (Dole of course, is a good man. Hillary is dirt). Her only chance of winning is the “I AM WOMAN” historical factor and really nothing else. Cruz will eat her alive in debates. 
  2. Cruz has a damned good ground game. He has the best data and his team knows where to get voters. That is going to be critical in swing states. 

I’ll be prepared to support Cruz with money and time in order to defeat Donald Trump, and then, Hillary Clinton. 

This is where I am going to make a plea to my friends who are Cruz supporters and my friends who are Rubio supporters. I am speaking specifically about the tribes. The people who see their candidate doing no wrong and the other candidate as always doing wrong. I have friends and acquaintances (as well as just Twitter friends) who are driving me up the freaking wall with the way they’re always in a defensive posture and always ready to proclaim the other side is doing something dirty.

Stop it. Please. For the sake of our nation.

I don’t want to see my Republican Party turned over to a fake like Donald Trump. Not only would I leave the party, never to return, I would call my Democrat friends and congratulate them on Hillary winning the election because Trump will get trounced. His sliver of anger support is not going to be enough to carry him in the general election. Hillary Clinton will win and she will be naming Antonin Scalia’s replacement.

As for who gets the nomination….by all means, go all out for the candidate you support. But doing the, “Rubio is my guy and Ted Cruz sucks and I hate him!” routine as well as the, “Little Marco can’t win and he’s ruining Ted Cruz’s chance to be President!” schtick is just tiresome.  Stop taking everything that is said about Rubio or Cruz, personally. 


Political campaigns are brutal contests. And campaigns are going to do things in order to give their guy an edge. Everybody needs to recognize this. If you allow the loathing you have for one candidate over another to blind you to the real threats in this race – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton – then we’re doomed.

Here are some questions to ask yourselves:

Would you rather Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio appoint judges or Hillary Clinton?

Would you rather Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio shaping tax policy or Hillary Clinton?

Would you rather Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio fight ISIS and the threat of terrorism or Hillary Clinton?

Would you rather a Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio Justice Department enforcing the law or Hillary Clintons?

Would you rather Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio controlling foreign policy or Hillary Clinton?

The answers are easy.



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