John Kasich And His Team Are Delusional


There are times when false confidence is obvious. As a NY Giants fan I know all about this. In 2001, the Giants made a completely unexpected trip to the Super Bowl in which they faced off against the Baltimore Ravens. I remember talking to people, being confident at the time the Giants would win. My friends knew I was full of it and that I was pretty sure the Giants had no chance. They lost 34-7.


John Kasich, according to Dan McLaughlin, has won about 2.4% of the vote outside of New Hampshire. The only person who spent more time in that state was Chris Christie and he was smart enough to get out of the race. I’m not so sure about Kasich.

It is laughable for him or anybody who supports him to think he has an actual path to the nomination. Yes, he did well in New Hampshire but so what? He received the same percentage as Jon Huntsman did in 2012 but at least he was smart enough to see the writing on the wall or didn’t have a gigantic ego that allowed him to think he had a chance.

Kasich left New Hampshire and came in a distant fifth in South Carolina. He stayed in, while Jeb Bush, who finished ahead of Kasich in South Carolina, dropped out. In Nevada, Kasich finished dead last. Behind Ben Carson, another candidate who has reached delusional status.

And it isn’t just Kasich, this morning, his team must have been blazing up in the bus because they started tweeting stuff that made zero sense:

First, Kasich’s chief political strategist, John Weaver

Then it was Kasich’s communications director, Chris Schrimpf:


Even Kasich got into it, talking about himself in the third person, aka going ‘Jimmy’ from Seinfeld or ‘Bob Dole’ (whichever you prefer):

So the guy who has come in fifth and who has won 2.4% of the vote outside of New Hampshire is basically, along with his people, saying Marco Rubio needs to get out of the race. 

Let’s take a peek at some of the states on Super Tuesday and get a sense of where Kasich is:

Georgia: 6%

Texas: 5%

Virginia: 7%

Oklahoma: 5%

The guy who cannot break double digits in almost any poll for any state next week should not be lecturing Marco Rubio to get out of the race. This is absurd. Kasich has about as much chance of getting the nomination as I do.

It’s one thing for him to stick around hoping that somebody will dangle a VP slot in front of his nose. But he and his people should stop pretending he has a shot.


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