Chuck Todd Whines About Ted Cruz's Office Space/Hillary Ad (VIDEO)


It has long been the conventional wisdom that Republicans and conservatives just don’t “get it” with respect to popular culture. It was actually a relatively fair critique as Republicans often railed about popular culture and attempting (incorrectly) to blame it on the downfall of society. It paid, electorally, to shun and mock mainstream pop culture rather than engage and embrace it.


However, with a new generation of Republican leaders taking over positions of power across the country, that has changed. Senator Marco Rubio can comfortably talk to TMZ about hip-hop music, Republican politicians are happy to go on late night talk shows and not worry about what it may do to their image (Bill Clinton was doing this nearly 25 years ago – that’s how long it has taken for conservatives to catch up) and politicians are not concerned about telling voters they enjoy television shows that feature lots of sex and violence – such as Game of Thrones.

It’s also a welcome change to see Republicans effectively using pop culture to engage voters. Ted Cruz recently released an ad using a scene from the movie ‘Office Space’ to go after Hillary Clinton. ‘Office Space’ despite being over 15 years old, is a movie that transcends time because despite its age, the frustrations many have working in a medium to large office, still hold true today.

The scene where Peter, Michael and Samir destroy a printer they hated along to the Geto Boys ‘Die Motherf***er (Still)’ was re-created by Cruz’s team for an ad (the song was replaced with a parody of the Geto Boys ‘Damn It Feels To Be A Gangsta’ which was also used in Office Space) that showed Hillary Clinton and her team destroying a server instead.


As Caleb has shown, Andrea Mitchell freaked out about the ad and now it was Chuck Todd’s turn. Watch him:

Stephen Miller (aka @redsteeze) says it best:

If the situation were reversed, the same media would be guffawing over this ad and chattering about the “brilliance” of using pop culture so effectively.

But you see, this is a Republican using this tactic against a Democrat. And not just any Democrat, but the heir apparent herself, Hillary Clinton.

And that, just cannot stand.

Here is the full ad:


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