Democrat Debate: Two Old White People Yell At Each Other


If you watched any of the Democrat debate as I did last night, you had a chance to see two old white people go back and forth, jockeying to see which of them could prove to the masses who was the most far-left-neo-maxi-zoom-dweebie. It was hard to tell. Ever since Sanders has made life difficult for the anointed one, Hillary Clinton, she’s been making a mad walker-assisted dash to the left.


Seriously, the title of this post is pretty close to what it was. I wasn’t the only who noticed. Amy Otto tweeted the following:

Or the grocery story. Bernie: “I told you I wanted the oatmeal without raisins!” Hillary: “The Republicans are going to take away raisins for everybody if we don’t do something!”

The debate was not much of a debate. It was more about who was going to give away more stuff, who was going to be tougher on the evil Wall Street companies, evil pharmaceutical companies and evil banks. Who was going to raise taxes more. Who kissed Barack Obama’s tookus more. The list goes on.

What neither of them were able to do then entire time I watched, was to lay out any kind of realistic vision for what they expected to do beyond “FIGHT!” (sound familiar) when they get into office. It was all a big leftist welfare state utopia.

That said, if you were going to look for two distinct ways these two geezers differentiate themselves from each other, there are two specific instances:

1. Hillary Clinton excels at victim creation. She has said “Flint, Michigan” more than I can count. She seems to think railing about it constantly will help, seemingly forgetting the Environmental Protection Agency knew about Flint’s water issues for over a year and did not act on it. This of course will only be followed with with Hillary calling for an expanded EPA because apparently making the bureaucracy bigger is the way to go in these situations.


2. Bernie Sanders excels at attacking almost anything as a tool of special interests. To listen to the self described socialist, one would think everybody who is not at least a millionaire is somehow getting screwed by somebody. “Roto-rootah is a tool of the big banks who want to “flush” your savings down the terlet when they come by to unclog your crappuh.”

What’s really sad is as you listen to their list of just plain idiotic ideas, there’s a bunch of people out there clapping like seals at the prospect of these ideas becoming law.

What’s frightening is, either of these two could actually win. To quote Richard Vernon from ‘The Breakfast Club’ in that one of them could be running the country: “This is the thought that wakes me in the middle of the night.”

So listen closely while the two old old coots yell and spray the debate moderators with spittle. This country cannot afford what they’re yelling about.


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