This OH GOP Official Endorsed John Kasich Yet His PAC Gave Thousands To Democrats


Who is Matthew Cox? Many people outside of Ohio probably have no idea. Cox is an attorney and lobbyist, President of Cox Consulting Group. Cox also works with a company called GOP Convention Strategies. While not affiliated officially with the Republican National Committee, the firm promises to connect their clients with high powered people in government, the RNC, the media and private organizations. Cox is also a member of the Ohio GOP Central Committee and he has personally endorsed John Kasich for President.


Cox also has a PAC, called CCG PAC. It has made thousands of dollars of donations.


To Democrats. 

Yes, the PAC has donated to Republicans as well, but why would it donate to Democrats at all? Here is a list of the donations made to Democrats (Source: Ohio Secretary of State website):

Kathleen Clyde – $250 06/20/2015
Joe Schiavoni – $250 10/29/2014
Armond Budish – $500 10/20/2014
Timothy Degeeter – $2000 10/09/2014
Armond Budish – $4000 09/26/2014
Dave Leland – $250 09/07/2014
Chris Redfern – $250 09/03/2014
Timothy Degeeter – $500 04/03/2014
Kathleen Clyde – $250 03/12/2014
John P. Carney – $1000 01/06/2014
Timothy Degeeter – $2250 11/06/2013
Joe Schiavoni – $250 10/22/2013
Nan Whaley – $500 10/05/2013
Chris Redfern – $2000 10/17/2012
Sherrod Brown – $1000 10/17/2012
Lou Gentile – $1000 10/03/2012
Timothy Degeeter – $2000 10/03/2012
Matt Szollosi – $500 05/15/2012

Some of the names many not be familiar, but John Carney was running to unseat Republican Dave Yost who is the Ohio Auditor of State. Chris Redfern is the former Chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party and a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives. Sherrod Brown is a left wing Democrat who defeated Josh Mandel (currently the Ohio State Treasurer) in 2012 in his re-election fight.


I reached out to Cox for an explanation via email but at the time of publication, had not heard back from him. I will update this post if he responds.

Cox is likely to make a good deal of money at the Republican National Convention this summer through GOP Convention Strategies. He’s also an appointee to a role within the Ohio state GOP.

It doesn’t make much sense his PAC gave money to candidates looking to defeat Republicans.  

Maybe John Kasich can tell us.






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