Donald Trump And The Media: He's The Melissa Click Of The 2016 Field (VIDEO)

Melissa Click

Melissa Click was a nobody professor at the University of Missouri until one day during some typical left wing douchebag social justice protests on campus, she encountered student journalist Mark Schierbecker. She told him he had to get out. When he reminded her he had a first amendment right to be there she famously said, “Hey, who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.”


Nobody actually did because it required at least one man to assist and from the footage I saw, there was nothing but other women and eunuchs around. That said, it was Click’s attitude that was most disturbing. Click is a communications professor. She should know better. If anything, it gives eerie insight into how far the left has gotten their tentacles into the university system.

Still, it goes to the kind of tactics that rely on intimidation and it comes in different forms. One of our intrepid readers pointed out that in that respect, Donald Trump is pretty much like Click. That reader is absolutely right. Conservatives (real conservatives) are known for going after the media for their obvious biases. That is nothing new. Democrats do the same thing. It’s why you’ll see Hillary Clinton appear on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC but not Fox News. Still, that’s not intimidation. It’s just business as usual.

Donald Trump however, has seen fit since he took the lead in GOP polls to attempt to dictate terms to networks in order for him appear. He had already previously “boycotted” Fox News because they were “unfair” to him. And we all know of his little stunt to try and get Megyn Kelly removed as a moderator for the Fox News debate. When Fox told him to take a hike, he took his ball and ran off, skipping the debate to soothe his ego.


What’s amazing is, Trump is supposed to be the big tough alpha male. “We’re gonna bomb the s**t out of ISIS.” “We’re going to kill the family members of ISIS!” “I am the only one that can negotiate with CHY-NA!” Andrea Tantaros of Fox News (I thought it might have been Eric Bolling. It’s hard to tell which of them has the bigger crush on Stubby-Fingers). actually said, “And you see blue collar voters — men — this is like their last vestige, their last hope is Donald Trump to get their masculinity back.” 

Right. Here is the “masculine” alpha male bleating about the media being “unfair” to him:

It won’t be long before Donald is running around asking if there’s any muscle around to take on the media to being so unfair.


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