Charles Cooke of National Review Explains Why Trump Is A Charlatan (VIDEO)


As many of you know, National Review put out an issue called ‘Against Trump’ where 22 conservatives authored essays explaining why Donald Trump is bad for the Republican Party and bad for conservatism.

Trump fans naturally, have gotten their knickers in a twist as a result and they are carrying on just as you’d expect. Following in the foot steps of Dear Leader Donald, they are attacking everybody who wrote the essays and National Review itself. It’s almost as if they cannot comprehend why National Review would not support an opportunistic Democrat, posing as a conservative, for the Presidency.

Charles Cooke from National Review, breaks it down here:

Pretty clear cut case in my view. This won’t change the minds of so many Trump supporters who at this point are just dug in but it’s so hard to understand. As Cooke says, Trump is all over the place with his viewpoints, policies and opinions. Why would anybody trust he’ll do what he says?