Democrat Debate: Winners And Losers (Aside From The Viewers)


The only reason why I could stomach sitting through the Democrat debate, which was an attack on my intelligence and my sanity was because earlier today I saw, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and it was amazing. If you haven’t seen it, go watch this one in theaters. Don’t wait for On-Demand or Blu-Ray. If you’re lucky, you didn’t see the Democrat debate. Once again it was on a Saturday night. The reason being is the old people could stay up later on a Saturday than they can during the week.


When the highlight of the evening is Hillary coming back late from a commercial break because she was still doing pee pee, then you’ve got problems. For all intents and purposes, the debate with Democrats can be summed up with this video:

The bulk of the debate was this:

  1. We’re going to give away a ton of stuff and tell you it’s free.
  2. We have no idea how we’re going to pay for it other than to make rich people pay more taxes.
  3. Republicans suck.

You had Hillary Clinton, dressed in what looked like a potato sack and Bernie Sanders yelling at each other the bulk of the time. It reminded me of when I was kid in Queens watching the old geezers play shuffleboard at Torsney Playground. They used to yell at each other in a similar fashion. “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO WAR!”, “WELL I DON’T WANT TO GO TO WAR, MORE!”

Meanwhile there’s Martin O’Malley off on the side saying, “But what about me? Don’t I count? Hey! Call on me!”

Poor David Muir and Martha Raddatz. I actually felt sorry for them as they would try to tell Hillary Clinton to wait her turn. Like a typical old person losing their hearing, she just kept going, her voice getting louder each second. Each candidate was fighting with each moderator to see who could run as far to the left as possible. It was a zoo.


What really struck me more than anything else, is if any of the following subjects came up:

  • Guns
  • Banks
  • Republicans

Any one of the three candidates would let their fire show. They got mad. Really mad.

Sadly, they couldn’t reserve that kind of fire or anger for ISIS. Any time that issue came up, all they kept saying is not all the “Moos-lums” are not like ISIS (as if we didn’t know) and pretending to want to “destroy” ISIS but not really say how because any suggestion was shot down with the verbal warning “…that’s what ISIS wants.” Hillary Clinton cannot operate a television remote control and yet she has such a keen insight into what ISIS wants?

Oh so the winners and losers:


Republicans – The ads they are going to be able to make from these debates is going to be great. Have a little Bow Wow Wow and “I Want Candy” playing in the background and it will be amazing.

Saturday Night Live and late night tv shows – This crapfest is comedy gold. That is all.


My eyes and ears – If my ears and eyes could do things on their own, they would be plotting together on how I’d join the Helen Keller Club for making them suffer through that. Joe was kind of a wuss for bolting after 15 minutes but at least his senses don’t hate him.


The United States of America – After 8 years of Obama if any of these people were elected, I might just go Alec Baldwin and consider living somewhere else. Like Antarctica. Or North Korea.

If you didn’t watch this debate, consider yourself so lucky. We should be thankful it was held on a Saturday night when less people were watching. Fewer people not having their brains somewhat damaged is a very good thing.



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