Woman Thinks Hitler Tweeted About Trump; Supporters Cheer Something Trump Did Not Say (VIDEO)


It never ceases to amaze me how gullible some people can be. Granted, when the Kimmel show does this “Lie Witness News”, I suspect — or hope — there are some people who get it and you never see them on camera. Even so, the very fact that some people not only believe what they are told, but claim to have seen or heard about it on the news.


As funny as this is, it also makes me pine for people to take tests in order to vote. I think, “How many days in the week?” is an acceptable level of difficulty and yet I suspect some people would not pass. Watch this and make sure you get to the end when three Trump supporters will have you reaching for the booze:

“If it’s brown, flush it down! Woo hoo! Go Donald!”

We are at a serious crossroads here. If this continues the idea of saying, “Please welcome, President Kanye West” at some point in our future is not out of the question. There are Hillary supporters who praise her tax plan despite it being Donald Trump’s plan and now there are people who believe Hitler is alive and on Twitter.

Is it too early to say we’re doomed?


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