Latest On Mizzou: Poop Swastikas, Lies and Safe Spaces


What’s happening at the University of Missouri certainly cannot be good for enrollment numbers. The stories coming out of Mizzou just keep getting more bizarre as days go by. Occupy Wall Street people are flabbergasted at the level of crazy that people are witnessing. It’s kind of ironic to see what’s happening. Colleges and universities are for the most part, hotbeds of leftism in the United States, so to see this kind of radical infighting is somewhat amusing. Still, for students who attend these schools to actually get an education, it must be difficult to have to deal with this idiocy. Here’s the latest on this bizarre tale:

1. The “poop swastika” actually did happen. Sean Davis of The Federalist, who has been following this story, writes:

The police report, which can be read in full here, shows that an officer responded to a vandalism complaint at Gateway Hall, a Mizzou dormitory, at 2:12 a.m. on October 24, 2015.

“I noticed there was a swastika drawn on the wall by someone using feces,” the responding officer wrote in the report. “There was also feces on the floor located by the entry way to the restroom.”

The bulk of the officer’s report is redacted. No suspects are listed, and no motivations for the fecal display are listed in the police report. The report does not include any photographic evidence of the poop swastika. Although the initial incident occurred in the early morning hours of October 24, the police report was not prepared and filed until the evening of October 29. An official investigator was assigned to the case on October 26, according to the report.

The fact that this was reported at two o’clock in the morning has me thinking this was more of the work of some idiot drunken student rather than some coordinated attempt to intimidate students.

2. No disciplinary action has been taken against an assistant professor and student life leader who harassed and assaulted a student photographer and journalist during Monday’s protests:

Many members of MU’s faculty and staff are asking the University of Missouri to fire assistant professor Melissa Click and Student life leader Janna Basler. The Department of Student Life placed Basler on administrative leave late Wednesday afternoon.

They were involved in an assault on a student reporter during Monday’s protests on MU’s Carnahan Quad. The assault was caught on video and has gone viral. Click is heard on video asking fellow protestors for “muscle” to remove the journalist from the scene.

Click is an assistant professor for the MU Department of Communication and Basler is a Student Life Associate Director.

Just think of how this would be reported if people at Tea Party protests treated members of the media this way. It was infuriating to watch the photographer, Tim Tai, be harassed, yelled at and physically assaulted simply for exercising his rights under the same exact amendment as the protesters were exercising theirs.

3. The KKK is not invading the University of Missouri. Student body president Payton Head, the one who helped spread the rumor had to apologize for it:

4. Black protesters purposely segregated themselves from white allies to create a “black only healing space.” I am not kidding:

Student protesters at the University of Missouri asked white supporters to leave Wednesday night in order to create a “black only healing space.”

Prominent Black Lives Matter activist Johnetta Elzie seemingly confirmed those with Caucasian skin were asked to leave the area, tweeting that the group had created a “black only healing space for the students to share, decompress, be vulnerable & real.”

Not exactly exemplifying the legacy of Martin Luther King, are they? For those who are seemingly despaired as they vainly search for their own version of ‘Selma’, they tarnish the legacy of King while doing so. Can you imagine him telling white supporters in 1965, “Hey, wait for us to get halfway across the bridge because we want our own space.”

5. Make sure you read Jason Whitlock’s take on all of this. The bulk of it is pretty brutal:

Lies stacked on lies create the bullshit we’re witnessing in Columbia, Missouri. Clever faculty members, in my opinion, baited a small misguided group of black students into stirring a racial shitstorm, strong enough to attract Twitter-addicted journalists looking for their next relevancy hit off the Black Lives Matter crack pipe.

Read it all. He said what’s happening is so absurd, South Park would have trouble mocking it (though I suspect Parker and Stone will find a way) and that educators should be spending their time teaching students about institutional racism, which is still a problem.

These students (and faculty members) are doing themselves no favors with this ridiculousness. That said, this really seems to be a case of the chickens coming home to roost. Left wing professors have created environments where students feel like privileged delicate snowflakes who need “safe spaces” in order to survive and who believe the first amendment is “dangerous” to their well being. The inmates are now running the asylum.


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