No, Tom Price doesn't support the Marketplace Fairness Act

There’s a group here in Georgia that has been placing fliers on cars at various events around the state hoping to raise attention to politicians’ records. Some of the fliers make good points, though they overlook the damage they’ve done to their own cause. Others are, well, willfully misleading.


Take, for instance, a flier this group placed on cars last night at an event hosted by Peach Pundit, a Georgia political blog to which I occasionally contribute. They claimed that Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) is “trying to have it both ways” on the Internet sales tax, known in Congress as the “Marketplace Fairness Act.”

They accused Price of “sending letters in support of the Internet Tax Mandate to constituents who support it…and letters expressing concern over the Internet Tax Mandate to his constituents that oppose it!”

For the record, I don’t know if this particular accusation is true. I don’t live in his district and haven’t contacted him about the Internet sales tax.

But during a public event earlier this summer Price said he opposed the measure “in its current form,” though he said that he could support it if it were part of a comprehensive tax reform proposal that implemented a consumption tax, like the FairTax, which the Georgia Congressman supports.

“I could consider the potential for taxation [on the Internet] if I thought that it was part of an overall, comprehensive tax reform that was neutral from a tax stand point, and that moved us in the direction of a consumption tax,” Price told the crowd.


“But right now, in its current form, there’s no way I could support it,” he added.

Case closed.

In any event, the Internet sales tax, which has passed the Senate, probably won’t come to the House floor, according to Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), because too many members, though they oppose the proposal in private, are scared to cast a ballot against the Internet sales tax for fear that they will lose influential donors who support the measure.


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