Video: Dem Majority Leader Ducks Question on Taxes

When Speaker Nancy Pelosi cast the deciding vote to adjourn the House until after the midterm elections, it was a vote for tax increases. As we reported on HUMAN EVENTS, there were 39 Democrats ready and willing to vote to maintain the tax rates at the current levels. But Pelosi balked at such a choice, thus shielding her party from a tough vote in an election cycle where news grows worse for the Democrats by the day. Effective on January 1, 2011, every income bracket, not just the much-maligned “rich,” will see their taxes go sky high.


The dirty little secret is that Nancy Pelosi and her leadership team could call the House back into session tomorrow in order to ensure that taxes are not raised. But will they?

HUMAN EVENTS approached House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer leaving a D.C. fundraiser and asked why he lacked the courage to bring members back from recess and vote on whether or not to extend the Bush-era tax cuts. Americans deserve to know, with an up-or-down vote, which House members favor increased taxes and which do not.

As you’ll see in this video exchange, Hoyer doesn’t even have the courage for an honest conversation, let alone the stones necessary to break the adjournment and vote to keep the tax rates from surging up.


Steny’s too busy pulling in cash at his swanky Washington fundraisers than to worry about halting a massive tax increase on the rest of us little people. Ah, Obama’s America!

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