Geithner Cornered On Tax Hypocrisy

Either Tim Geithner has elephant-sized chutzpah or he’s completely clueless. How else to explain his insistence that Congress follow the Obama plan to spike taxes on the top income brackets?


Forget for a moment that it is sheer economic lunacy to raise taxes on any quintile when our country is struggling with anemic private-sector growth, coupled with the fact that we’ve had unemployment above 9% for 16 straight months now. Geithner himself doesn’t have the moral authority to push tax hikes on anyone. He’s a tax cheat.

Recall that before his confirmation hearings to head the Treasury Department, Geithner paid $42,702 in back taxes and interest for the years 2001 through 2004. He blamed this “error” on TurboTax. Now he’s out pimping the Obama proposal to repeal portions of the Bush tax cuts, recently telling Fox Business that such tax increases are “good policy” that will “help the economy in the short term and in the long run.”

HUMAN EVENTS caught up with Mr. Geithner to ask him how exactly he squares his support for tax increases with his own tax-dodging days:


Obama’s America, folks: Where not only is our Treasury Secretary a tax cheat, but an advocate of higher taxes to boot.

Cross-posted from Human Events.


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