Hillary Agrees with us about how Iran Treated our Soldiers!?

Ever since Iran released our soldiers last week, Barack Obama, John Kerry, and  has done a full court press in the media trying to celebrate it as a triumph of American diplomacy while complimenting the Iranians’ humanity. We know this is total crap, but the truth has never stopped the Obama administration before. As the Democratic Party’s current frontrunner, if a greatly hobbled one, one would expect Hillary Clinton to be of like mind with them on the issue. Not so, apparently. Buried in her statement on the release of the Americans held captive in Iran was this gem (emphasis mine):


But we shouldn’t thank Iran for the prisoners or for following through on its obligations. These prisoners were held unjustly by a regime that continues to threaten the peace and security of the Middle East. Another American, Bob Levinson, still isn’t home with his family. The treatment of our Navy sailors earlier this week was offensive, including the release of a demeaning and provocative video. Iran is still violating UN Security Council resolutions with its ballistic missile program, which should be met with new sanctions designations and firm resolve.

You’ve seen it already, I’m sure, but by comparison, here is how Secretary of State Kerry treated the ordeal:

Secretary of State Kerry, speaking yesterday at the State Department, said, ”I also want to thank the Iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. All indications suggest or tell us that our sailors were well taken care of, provided with blankets and food and assisted with their return to the fleet earlier today.”

Remember, this is the man whom the Democrats nominated for the Presidency in 2004. He’s not just your ordinary flack from Obama administration, even though this response is typical. Our soldiers were captured and humiliated, and all the people in power at the White House care to say in response is, in essence, “Thank you for a humane abduction.” Evidently, this is too much for even a Lefty like Hillary to stomach.


The question from here, other than if Hillary has had a temporary outbreak of sanity, is what the Left will do about this. As Jonah Goldberg perceptively noted, conservatives have been eviscerated for statements like this one. Will the Left reply with crickets on this one, or has Hillary been damaged enough to be fair game at this point? I’m not getting my hopes up.

And remember, whatever they say in public, even in front of a crowd of thousands and national TV audience, the Clintons and Obamas don’t like each other. I think Hillary’s statement is one way she is making this evident without actually saying so.

I know it’s preaching to the choir here, but as much as Hillary might peddle big talk, we have no indication that, as President, she’d do anything meaningful to counter the Iranian regime’s designs on the Middle East and the rest of the world. If you read the rest of the statement, she reiterates her support for the Iran Deal, which if nothing else betrays the fact that she is committed to not really doing anything to confront the Islamic Republic. No matter how discouraged the media wants conservatives to get, keep that in mind as November approaches.



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