Nancy Pelosi can see Iran from her House or Something (VIDEO)

This morning, CNN brought on Nancy Pelosi to comment on Iran capturing and then freeing those 10 American sailors. Anyone watching the news over the past couple of days has noticed that the Democrats have been out in full force trying to do damage control on what is truthfully a humiliating moment for America and its military. She did not disappoint in contributing to the love fest major Democrats are having for Iran, but one of her observations really stands out. Senator Tom Cotton, who has been the leading Republican on confronting the Islamic Republic, caught the moment:


If you’re standing on the ground on the island of Bahrain, there is no way that you can see Iran. Cotton helpfully provided this fact check for the House Minority Leader:

Why do I care about this? Republicans are routinely scourged for the tiniest of gaffes, but Democratic slip-ups are routinely overlooked. Meanwhile, if you’re George W. Bush or Sarah Palin, among many others, you are brutally mocked for even the smallest mistakes. One need only look up the term “Bushisms” to see evidence of this with our 43rd President. As for Palin, everyone remembers her “I can see Russia from my house,” moment…except she didn’t say that.* That was Tina Fey. Palin’s original comment was given to Charlie Gibson and ABC News. She said, “They are our next door neighbors.We need to have a good relationship with them.” The Left and its friends in the media took a legitimate and accurate statement and turned it into a gaffe in order to demean conservatives and Republicans.


We shouldn’t expect Nancy Pelosi to get anything close to the amount of ridicule Bush 43 and Palin have gotten over the years. She’s a national leader of the Democratic Party, icon of the Left, and her name isn’t Joe Biden. She will be allowed to continue in her post as House Minority Leader unimpeded and with no loss of credibility among the media. The double standard is outrageous

*=As you can tell, I based my post’s title on that famous quip. I give a hat tip to Mark Krikorian for inspiring that.


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