State Department Refuses to Deny They Sold Hellfire Missile to Cuba (VIDEO)

Hellfire Missile from Taiwan
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On Friday, news broke that an American Hellfire missile somehow ended up in Cuba in mid-2014 after it failed to return from a NATO exercise in Europe that year. Unsurprisingly, the island country has refused to give it up, and that fact evidently did not stop the Obama administration from going forward with its push to normalize relations with the country. There have been a lot of possible reasons for its disappearance, ranging from sheer incompetence among the military and government bureaucrats to espionage. Given the way the White House handled its press briefing Friday has left another possible route open that I admit I had failed to even consider, as much as I dislike the Obama administration: that they sold it to the Castro regime. When journalists quizzed State Department spokesman John Kirby, he gave the classic “I can neither confirm nor deny” type response. The video has to be seen to be believed:


Even the journalists in attendance are incredulous at his refusal to outright deny it. From the end of the clip:

JOURNALIST: You’re not suggesting that you actually sold this to the Cubans?

KIRBY: I’m not–I’m not at liberty to comment further. As I said–As I said, I’m restricted under law from commenting on specific defense treaty licensing cases.

JOURNALIST: Why can’t you–I don’t understand why you can’t say, “No, we didn’t sell this to the Cubans, it got there by accident–by mistake,”?

KIRBY: I’ve commented as far as I can go.

JOURNALIST: So you wanna leave open the possibility that the US government sold or gave a Hellfire Missile intentionally to the government of Cuba?

KIRBY: I’ve commented on this as far as I can go.

This seems like something that the White House or the State Department would want to get in front of and deny quickly. With the Obama administration’s desire to open relations with Cuba without imposing any real conditions on the Castro regime, it makes it a lot harder to dismiss the idea that the United States did indeed sell or give the missile to them. That the state of affairs with Obama has gotten to this point is a frightening thought. It’s time for the Congressional Oversight Committees to begin some investigations.



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