Hillary Aides Have Turned Over more than 100,000 Emails

More and more potential evidence is showing up in the scandal surrounding Hillary Clinton’s emails. According to the government’s latest report, the total number of emails turned over to the State Department by Hillary’s aides has topped 100,000. The Washington Times breaks down the numbers:


Huma Abedin turned over an estimated 23,000 pages of emails, Philippe Reines gave back 70,000 pages of messages and Cheryl Mills returned somewhere in the neighborhood of 11,870 pages, the Obama administration told Judge Rudolph Contreras in a court filing.

And unlike Mrs. Clinton’s emails, the State Department does not have plans to post online all of those three aides’ messages, instead deciding to release only select messages that are requested through particular open-records demands.

The records from Ms. Abedin and Mr. Reines are all now in electronic format and can at least be searched, though it will still take some time to determine which of the messages contain classified information that must be redacted.

Ms. Mills returned some 3,000 pages of her records as printed pages, and those need to be processed still, the State Department said.

To add all those numbers together, we reach an estimated 104,870 pages of messages. We can be fairly certain that this will not be the end of people in the Clinton camp relinquishing emails, either. Also important to note is Huma Abedin’s name on the list provided. There have been a lot of calls to investigate her involvement in Hillary Clinton’s decision making at the State Department, and hopefully, these emails will provide some answers.


The State Department is not the FBI, though, and the two people overseeing the internal investigation, Patrick Kennedy and Janice Jacobs, are Democratic partisans and Clinton loyalists, meaning we can expect them to try to do everything they can to protect Clinton. Regardless, these documents are still there, should the FBI come calling, and I’m certain the bureau is very interested in the contents of these emails.

In a just world, I think there’s enough evidence already for Hillary to meet Albert Fall’s fate. Nevertheless, don’t expect her to be doing a perp walk anytime soon. If there’s a way to avoid holding her accountable for this, the Democrat and Clinton loyalists in the government and media will find it.

What these stories do create, though, is a non-negligible chance that Herself will not be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016. Every new page of emails turned over to State or the FBI weakens that aura of inevitability around her, both in the primaries and the general, and it’s making the Democratic establishment nervous. That is what we should realistically be rooting for more than anything. That’s why, as I explained yesterday, they are beginning to seriously contemplate supporting Joe Biden. Even if he never becomes the nominee, he’s useful as an insurance policy against Bernie Sanders. as a back up to protect them from having to deal with the prospect of Bernie Sanders as the nominee. Still, if a severely damaged Hillary and those other two guys are the best they can do, the chances for Republicans look pretty good, as long as we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot, as we have a penchant for doing.



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