With the Deal Deadline Looming, Iran Bans Nuclear Inspections

The supposed deadline to form a nuclear deal with Iran under the present round of negotiations is June 30th. If you needed any further indication of how willing Iran is to follow any deal that would restrict its ability to develop nuclear weapons, know that its Parliament has approved the outline of a bill that would ban inspections of military sites:


Iranian lawmakers approved the outlines of a bill that would ban inspections of military sites and require the lifting of all international sanctions under any nuclear deal with six world powers.

The vote, although preliminary, may complicate talks aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear program as negotiators race to meet a self-imposed June 30 deadline for a deal.


About 199 of 213 lawmakers in Iran’s plenum voted Sunday in favor of the measure, the state-run Mehr news agency reported. For the bill to become law, a detailed version has to be approved by parliament and the Guardian Council.

There’s no reason to believe that whatever deal that results from these talks will impose anything close to strict standards. We also know that America under Obama or any other Democratic president if we elect one in 2016 will not make any real effort to enforce the provisions of this deal if Iran is unwilling to go along with it. The state of affairs has gotten to the point where the response to Iran saying “Jump!” is no longer just “How high?” but now also includes, “How often?”

Combined with the State Department’s recent Terrorism Report detailing how Iran has increased its support to various unsavory groups across the Middle East, this news should be enough to force America to walk away from these talks we should not have begun in the first place. However, as Investors Business Daily explains:


President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are bent on making a bad deal that gives wads of cash to a regime that not only is increasing its already massive terrorist operations, but a regime whose parliament on Sunday also voted to ban international inspectors access to its military sites under any nuclear agreement.


What if it turns out that one of those other sites is engaged in nuclear weapons activity or holds clues to Tehran cheating?

Either of these two pieces of news is more than enough reason for the U.S. to walk away from the negotiations. Those who face us across the table are recalcitrant terrorist-masters who have no intention of giving up their quest for nukes.

This president, however, is not about to walk away. It’s a legacy thing; we wouldn’t understand.

And they’re exactly right. President Obama is making this about securing a legacy. Unfortunately, he has put that before getting any meaningful or workable results. It’s just like it was with the healthcare law, but at least, Obamacare isn’t giving nuclear weapons to genocidal maniacs.


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