The NYT Caught the Clintons in a Lie on Uranium

My colleagues Moe Lane and streiff have done a great job covering how the Clintons have sold us to Russia when it comes to uranium. However, we now know even more damning information on the story. Namely, that the Clintons lied to the New York Times about the negotiations for the deal with the Kazakhstani state owned nuclear company Kazatomprom. The Blaze has written an excellent expose of what happened, but here’s the important part:

Years ago, officials with Kazatomprom were reportedly interested in taking an “equity stake” in Westinghouse, a U.S.-based corporation that works in the “civilian nuclear field.”

But, as New York Times reporter Jo Becker reported, such a deal would require review by the U.S. government. That’s where Frank Giustra, a Canadian business executive and founder of the company that would become Uranium One, entered the picture.

Giustra reportedly set up a meeting between Kazatomprom officials and Bill Clinton himself — at the former president’s home in Chappaqua, New York.

Giustra has close ties to Bill Clinton and is a major donor to the Clinton Foundation. The two even flew to Kazakhstan together when Giustra’s company landed a lucrative deal to secure uranium mines there.

Here’s where the lie comes in.

Becker told Fox News’ Bret Baier that when she first asked a Clinton Foundation spokesman and Giustra about the meeting, they both said no such meeting ever took place. However, when she informed them that the then-head of Kazatomprom not only told her that the meeting had taken place, but also showed her a picture of himself with Clinton at the Chappaqua home proudly displayed in his office, they were forced to admit the meeting occurred.

As the article continues, after a merger the company known as Uranium One was formed, led by, as the article mentions, Frank Giustra. After this, the Russians bought the company. This was a willing takeover, as Uranium One wanted the “financial landfall” that would come from being a Russian state-owned enterprise.

In other words, a large portion of our country’s uranium is in the hands of one of our biggest geopolitical foes. Furthermore, as the article notes, Russia is a willing seller of the mineral to Iran. In other words, because of this arrangement, American uranium is going to end up in Iranian hands, making us even more complicit in the development of Iranian nuclear weapons.*

You can find a link to the full Special Report segment at the Blaze’s website, but thanks to the Washington Free Beacon here’s the most important part:

So, not only are the woman who wishes to be the 45th President and her husband who is the 42nd willing to sell us out to hostile foreign interests, they are willing to lie about it, too. As our ties to Russia become increasingly strained, it’s not a given that Vladimir Putin will be willing to sell our country uranium, and when the cutoff happens, we can blame the once-and-possibly-future First Family.**

*=There is no “could” here. It is going to happen.
**=Againn, we’re talking about events that probably will happen.