Friday Open Thread: Questionable School Lunches Edition

Alright everyone, it’s Friday. We’re almost at the end of the week. We’ve managed to make it through tax day–or at least I hope you have, but we can never be to sure with the IRS–and can no focus on the rest of our lives for the next few months.

Right now, though, it’s close to lunch time if you live on the East Coast, let’s take a look at an image that will surely make you thankful for whatever you’re eating this afternoon. Earlier this week, a mother took a photo of this dish being served at her child’s (public, of course) elementary school in Virginia. Can you figure out what it is? From WAVY channel 10’s Katie Collett

Supposedly, this is some sort of an attempt at a fish sandwich, but perhaps we have truly found a real life example of mystery meat.

Remember, if your kids are in a public school, they are eating this because Michelle Obama said so. The Washington Times reported in March of last year that around 1 million kids had already stopped eating school lunches because of the First Lady’s initiative. However, at the same time, some public schools are cracking down on lunches some students are bringing from home as a means of forcing your child to eat whatever passes for food there. Perhaps Washington will listen to the nutritionists and scrap the program, although we know well by now that, if science goes against the Leftwing propaganda, it must be disregarded to keep the narrative intact.

At any rate, use this thread to puzzle over this sad attempt at school sustenance and discuss whatever else is on your mind right now.