New Year's Eve Open Thread

For many people, today is a day of big celebrations–which inevitably bleed into tomorrow morning–of the old year passing and the new one beginning. I’m sure many of our RedState readers will be doing something to commemorate the occasion. It might be a party with friends, or it could just be as simple as ringing in the new year with your family. Some of you might have plans for tomorrow.


So, consider this an open thread to talk about New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day plans and celebrations.

As for me, I will spend this evening getting an early dinner with my parents, and then at 7pm, I’ll be heading to my church for a Divine Liturgy in honor of St. Basil the Great. I’ll probably be done around 8:30pm, so afterwards, I’ll go find my parents and bring in the new year with them. Tomorrow, we have a New Year’s-belated Christmas meal with some family friends.

Last year, I went to the Peach Drop in downtown Atlanta, but the friend I did that with is down in Miami for the Orange Bowl. He’s a huge Georgia Tech fan, so you can imagine he’s excited for that. As for me, my favorite team that went bowling this year (since my alma mater Georgia Southern was not allowed) is Georgia, who already won last night in dominating fashion in the Belk Bowl, although I’ll be rooting for Mississippi State in the Orange Bowl (meaning against Georgia Tech, too) because of family ties to the state.

This might not be the anniversary of my promotion to the front page of RedState (which came back in early August), but I’ve enjoyed spending the past year with everyone here at RedState, from the Front Pagers on down to all of you readers. Seeing the Republican wave back in the November Mid-Terms was a hugely satisfying moment for me, although there’s a lot of work to do, as recent weeks have made clear, in making sure the Republican majorities in the House and Senate understand what they were elected to do. Still, I look forward to fighting many more fights with all of you over the coming year. May it be more successful than last year!


So, having said all of that, what about you guys?


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