Flashback 2007: Bush was Right about Iraq

The events in Iraq over the past few months have given us ample time to reflect on the consequences of Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq he undertook in 2011. However, as Megyn Kelly notes on her Fox News show, one man saw all of this coming: President George W. Bush. Though he was ridiculed and excoriated for insisting that America maintain a substantial military presence in the country, recent events have proven him correct. Check out the clip below, which seems almost prophetic in light of the rise of ISIS.

And remember folks, Obama took credit for the Iraq withrawal at the time. It was one of his 2008 campaign promises, after all. This is what happens when you push through a policy just because it scores points with your own side. It’s unfortunate we had to find out this way, but don’t forget, it’s not just George Bush who was right about Iraq. Mitt Romney was right, too, back in 2012:

The precipitous withdrawal is unfortunate. It’s more than unfortunate. I think it’s tragic. It puts at risk many of the victories that were hard-won by the men and women who have served there. I hope the risk is not realized. I hope instead that the Iraqis are able to pick up the baton, and despite the fact that we will have walked away on a too-rapid basis.”

What a pity America didn’t listen to him, either.