Federal Judge: DOJ must turn over Fast and Furious Documents to Congress

In June of 2012, just months before the Presidential election, you might remember Obama trying to protect certain documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious from the House Oversight Committee by claiming executive privilege. Darrell Issa sued to have those documents released, and a federal judge has finally ruled that the DOJ must turn a log of the documents to Congress. Per Politico:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that the Justice Department must provide the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee with a list of documents — but not the documents themselves — withheld on the gunrunning operation.

The agency has until Oct. 1 to turn over the documents, Jackson said during a status hearing.

Darrell Issa said the following about the ruling in a statement on the House Oversight Committee’s website:

“Today a Federal judge ordered that the Department of Justice must submit by October 1 a privilege log of withheld documents related to Operation Fast and Furious.  I am grateful and pleased by that.  This Administration has been so intent on hiding the contents of these documents that it allowed Attorney General Holder to be held in contempt instead of just turning them over to Congress.  The privilege log will bring us closer to finding out why the Justice Department hid behind false denials in the wake of reckless conduct that contributed to the violent deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and countless Mexican citizens.”

It is not a complete win, though, as Berman did rule that certain documents, all of which were related to how the Justice Department responded to Congressional inquiries, can still be protected under executive privilege. Still, this ruling is a huge step forward in the investigation of this tragedy.

Also, while the Politico did not note this in their article, Fox News‘ piece on the ruling gives us a surprising fact about Judge Jackson: she is an Obama appointee! Even Obama’s own judges are rejecting his overreaches.*

How long before the DOJ has a spate of hard drive crashes?

*=Need I remind you that the Obama administration has already had 20 unanimous defeats before the Supreme Court?