Obamacare Glitch Could Endanger Almost 2 Million Children

Yes, you read that right. The famously poorly written Affordable Care Act could see one of the law’s litany of structural problems putting many of our children at risk of losing their insurance. Per The Daily Caller, a report from the American Action forum states that up to 2 million low income children could be prevented from getting affordable health insurance thanks to this apparently “well-known” problem.  The glitch,


prevents children who would be eligible to participate in the Children’s Health Insurance Plan, a program to insure low-income children, from getting access to their own subsidized coverage if the program is to end when it’s up for reauthorization this year.

While CHIP is supposed to help those who don’t earn enough to purchase their own children health insurance but earn too much for Medicaid coverage, Obamacare doesn’t have its own solution for children’s coverage. When the program is up for its review this year, AAF warns that ending it and assuming Obamacare will take care of the rest could leave many children without access to coverage.

“This flaw in the ACA’s design prevents an estimated 1.9 million children from having access to subsidized health insurance through the Exchange,” American Action Forum health care analysts Angela Boothe and Christopher Holt wrote Tuesday.

But what might be most striking about all of this is that Washington has known about this for a long time and hasn’t done anything about it. If you needed any evidence that the Obama administration or the Democrats in Congress don’t really care about fixing the healthcare, this ought to be at or near the top of your list. The AAF’s suggested solution is to keep CHIP around but make changes to the law to allow states to better meet the needs of the children who would be covered by it. Fixing this particular problem this way or by amending the ACA, while admirable, shouldn’t be our main goal. Repealing the law should. A glitch of a law that isn’t on the books won’t hurt you. There are two ways to make your voice heard: first, you can call Congress to express your displeasure, and second, you can elect more conservatives who will fight for Obamacare’s repeal.



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