Ted Cruz: Government has to Stop Saddling our Children with Debt

In case you missed it, Senator Ted Cruz held a Bloggers’ Briefing last Wednesday at CPAC 2014. RedState Editor Caleb Howe was privileged to attend this wearing his hat as a writer for the site The Right Scoop. While there, he captured this gem of a response from Cruz to a question about what the government, including the Senator himself, can do for America’s children. His response is one that gets to one of the most fundamental goals of American conservatism: making sure our children live in a better country than we did. Here is the video of his response:


You can count me in with Senator Cruz, and I’m certain that everyone else on this site agrees. As a party and a nation, we have to get back to the common sense values that made us great. The issue of creating a better America for our kids, which includes the embracing economic growth and fixing our debt problem, should not be wedge issues. They should not be 51% issues. These are issues that should be supported by vast majorities of our population. We have to stop thinking about short term solutions to our problems and consider what will happen 10, 20, 30, or more years down the road. For years, our government has failed to do that. We have to return to that kind of thinking if America is to remain great. Men like Senator Ted Cruz understand that. If only we had more men like him in Washington, and electing more of them is a large part of what RedState is here for. It’s also part of what you can do to help fix our broken government.


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