Super Bowl Open Thread

Yes, folks, it’s Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the game NFL fans have been waiting for all year (assuming you are a Ravens or 49ers fan).

So, consider this an open thread for those of you stopping by RedState today, or alternately, talk about the Puppy Bowl over at Animal Planet (or whatever else you’re doing instead of watching the Big Game). CBS Sports has coverage here.


Who are you rooting for? Anyone have any predictions for who wins and/or the final score? Who had the best ad? How does the halftime show look?

Nominally, I’m pulling for the 49ers, but since my Falcons aren’t in it, I really don’t have a horse in this race. I’m still not sold on the idea of this game being too high scoring contest. Not with the defenses these teams have. I say either 24-17 or 24-20 in favor of the 49ers. What say you?

Also, for a few links to look at before the game, try these: National Review discusses the game, highlights of the Harbaugh brothers’ press conference (courtesy of ESPN), 5 hidden numbers you need to know, Bill Barnwell’s Super Bowl preview at Grantland, “Why the Ravens will win” from SI, and “Why the 49ers will win” also from SI.

And finally, let’s keep it clean folks. No trashing or flaming another team’s fans, and no profanity.We’re all mature adults here.



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