On Will and Kate

Many on the right are critical of the fawning over the Royal wedding ceremony for Prince William and his bride, Kate, broadcast around the globe today. They point to the American Revolution and our endeavors to shed the tyranny of the Crown, and they mock the stodginess of the Royals while noting the irony of several failed marriages among the recent crop from the House of Windsor – most notably, William’s parents.


But whatever one thinks of the Monarchy, in an increasingly pathetic MTV world – the ceremony today was extraordinary, and a good thing for the world to see. It was nothing short of impressive – timely, carried out with precision, dripping with military, christian and royal traditions. The music was magnificent – there were actual hymns rather than gaudy “praise music” rock bands, a church that looks like a church, and the participants and guests were dressed not just appropriately, but perfectly… The procession was extraordinary, with hand-sewn uniforms and white and black horses leading the carriages – the Union Jack lining the streets.

The event was broadcast to an estimated 2 billion people. And in my view – that is a good thing. It can hardly be bad – for whatever flaws of the people involved – to remind people through the broadcast of a high religious ceremony that Christ is Lord. It can hardly be bad to have 2 billion people hear a Christian reminder of the importance of marriage in furthering mankind. It can hardly be bad to remind people that for all its flaws, the Anglo-influence has indeed made the world a far better place. And it is hardly bad to remind people that tradition matters – that carrying ourselves the proper way matters.

While our President sends an iPod of his own speeches to the Queen, returns a bust of Winston Churchill, shares British nuclear serial numbers to the Russians and proclaims no better ally than France – the British carry on, broadcasting to the world that there is indeed a proper way to conduct business and a proper way to carry yourself as a leader of the free world. Perhaps it was no accident that the Obamas were not invited…


The Brits have more than their share of problems, but me thinks it is the Labour Party to blame and not the Monarchy. Today was a day for the British to be proud of the civilization they have built – and a civilization that shaped the world. A civilization that birthed America. Would that we be so lucky as to have any leader – at all – in this country to inspire us and to cause us to well up with pride.

Today, at least, I say God Save the Queen.


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