Lisa Murkowski - the Entitled Senator

As you know, Senator Murkowski is mounting a write-in campaign to try to hold on to her Senate seat. Daddy gave her the very seat he held and vacated to run for Governor, after all, and she cannot let some upstart Tea Party guy like Joe Miller take it away from her.


Just this last week, according to Politico, the Anchorage Press asked if “Republicans are secretly hoping [she’ll] win.” She replied, “Yes. Yes I do. Definitely.” She went on to say she expects a warm welcome by both her Democrat and Republican colleagues,” and that “they need my vote.”

Now, when she refers to Republicans, she isn’t referring to Alaska Republicans. She isn’t referring to Republican citizens across the country. She’s talking about Washington establishment Republicans. The very same Republicans who refused even to strip Murkowski of her seniority status on committees, and suggesting that the simple step of having her step down from leadership was sufficient… the “right result,” in the words of [Senator Hutchison **], for her selfish write-in campaign to preserve daddy’s gift to her.

Joe Miller must win this race.

** UPDATE: Senator Alexander’s staff emailed us to correctly note that I misquoted him. He did not say it was “the right result.” That comment was offered by Senator Hutchison when she also said “I think we all consider her a friend.” Senator Alexander, on the other hand, made the altogether different statement, “we’ve done what we need to do, and we’ve decided not to do more.” I am certainly glad to clarify this matter.

Lisa Murkowski is an abortion-funding, Roe v. Wade endorsing, earmark worshiping, big-spending, cap-and-trade supporting, TARP supporting, Republican establishment hack who believes in her self and her entitlement to this Senate seat more than she believes in freedom, limited government and fidelity to the Constitution.


Miller believes in the Constitution and limited government. He is a West Point graduate, Gulf War veteran, Bronze Star recipient, Yale Law graduate… and unlike Murkowski, it did not take him four times to pass the bar exam.

If you want to get an idea of how different these two candidates are – watch this snippet from their debate, in which Miller asked Murkowski to defend the Constitutionality of a number of her votes, which she decidedly fails even to attempt to answer. (check the 7:50 mark). Instead she babbles a bit about how the Constitution doesn’t have specifics in it for everything so we need to be flexible. She uses the Air Force as an example – putting aside the fact the Air Force started as an arm of the Army and was later pulled out. Bottom line – she doesn’t actually care about adhering to the Constitution and is perfectly willing to do whatever she wishes and find a way to defend it.

This is how those of the establishment work. They are entitled. And she – and they – must go.


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