Bill White and His Fellow Race-Baiting Democrats

The true colors of the modern Democrat Party are shining through, but not so brightly.

On Tuesday, Bill White, the Democrat candidate for Texas Governor and challenger to 3 time incumbent Republican, Rick Perry, said to an audience of black leaders in the Dallas area, “We need a governor who’s a servant, as opposed to Rick Perry, who wants to be treated as master.”


So, here we go again… when all else fails, turn to race-baiting.

White is following in the illustrious footsteps of Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who just the other day said that he didn’t know why any Hispanic would ever vote for a Republican. Seriously? I guess Marco Rubio (Republican candidate for Senate in Florida) is doubly stupid in the eyes of Reid then for upping the ante from voting for Republicans to actually running as one? Rubio, of course, called this out for the nonsense that it is, as Dan Spencer pointed out yesterday, saying, “[i]t’s outrageous. It’s ridiculous.”

White’s campaign defended his remarks, claiming that he has been using his “biblical” servant rhetoric throughout the campaign and that was all this was about. To suggest that speaking to a group of black leaders and calling your opponent a “master” is not purposeful and with the specific intent of inflaming passions against him is entirely disingenuous.

But this is the way of the modern Democrat.

And here’s why this happens: Bill White recognizes, as does Harry Reid to some extent I suspect, that the people of his state are not buying what the Democrat Party is selling – that is, full on socialism. Bill White was nowhere to be found when the President of the United States came to his state in the middle of an election. In fact, White told that same group of black leaders that he “meant no disrespect” to the President by not joining him… again, just before calling Rick Perry “a master.” Uh-huh.


White is a Democrat, and a Democrat in 2010 is nowhere in the ballpark of the views of the American people. Period. End of story. He can say all he wants about Texas values and being independent, but he was a trial lawyer when Texas was being destroyed by them, before Republicans passed tort reform. He supports or has supported Obamacare, Cap and Trade, gay marriage, and sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. He is open to gun control measures, is for more national control of education and refuses to rule out tax increases. He will appoint an administration full of Democrats and all that comes with them.

Bottom line: Bill White is a liberal and he knows that he can’t win on those ideas. So, he hides his true beliefs and like any good Democrat, tries to use race to inflame minority voters against his opponent.



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