Pimps For Harry Reid

Back in March of 2010, “Harry: Money, Mob & Influence In Harry Reid’s Nevada” (written by Daxton Brown) was published, and contains some pretty damaging stuff about our US Senate Majority Leader. Brown, highlighting some of the darker sides of Reid over at Free Republic, suggests that Reid simply can not plausibly separate himself from “a substrata of money, mob and influence in Nevada going back fifty years.”


A section of the back cover says this:

One simply cannot be the most powerful Politician in Nevada without either knowing where the corruption begins, or willfully turning a blind eye to its corrosive nature.

We can all certainly agree with that. But a closer inspection of what’s inside the book brings to light a sordid tale of Reid’s graft and corruption going back as far as the 70’s, as told in the book by former Campaign Manager Don Williams. Williams’ story connecting Reid to Mustang Ranch Owner Pimp Joe Conforte, including trash bags of cash and car trunks full of “extra” absentee ballots, has now hit the streets in an exclusive at Your Politics News:

In what was clearly a calculated political move intended to preempt what he expected would be a torrent of attacks on his own credibility, a former long-time campaign manager for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) conceded that he took a polygraph and planned to go public “sometime soon” with claims that his former boss took illegal cash from a brothel owner to fund his political campaign, YourPoliticsNews.com has learned.

The actual copy of the polygraph is HERE. The truth of the story, the questions of the timing of its release, and the fact that Reid’s alleged corruption charges here are 40 years old would stand up well as Reid and his handlers go about discrediting this story as it spreads. I’ll leave it to YOU to decide the minutiae of this matter.


I can’t let go 2 fundamental questions though:

1- Why do we need to send Reid back to Washington, on general principle, after the extent to which he has failed the American people and his constituents in Nevada…independent of the accuracy of these charges from Brown and Williams and others?

2- How can we be expected to believe there isn’t some truth to them, and if there is, isn’t it about time we really clean that swamp he and Pelosi promised they’d clean once they got the jobs? If the answer is yes, why not start with the swill of corruption that percolated to the top over the past several years, and get rid of Reid himself?


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