Democrats Obfuscate

Politicians in general, and Democrats (most especially) in particular, don’t give a rip about the human condition of those to whom they pander to sate their lust for personal power and self-aggrandizement. Countless times over the past several generations we’ve been made to suffer their whims and fancies and cultural experimentation but, while targeted demographics have enjoyed short-term benefit…by and large the whole of the Country has ultimately been all the worse off for these things.


Not only do the left and right hands have no idea what the other is doing, it would appear they are not even part of the same body. What else explains the misguided notion that investing in Unions and propping up under-performing teachers might enjoy a greater return than feeding the poor? Further, why would Democrats think the best way to cure obesity would be by starving those very same poor people?

Granted, in the video that follows, Malcolm X’s context here is in regard to African American’s separating from the rest of American society (full video HERE) but if you replace the words “whites” and “the man” with “Federal Government”…and replace “Negro” with “American citizens”… you will see the wisdom of his words on a much larger scale than he could possibly have possessed at the time that he uttered them. View the shortened video HERE:

This is the nature of our Government today; they gave us more than they could afford…and now they take it away wherever it seems most prudent to do so for their greater (collective) good. While millions of Americans believe the American dream is dead, and millions of them have only food stamps as their means of income, and while millions of African Americans find themselves in a growing majority among the total numbers of people receiving food stamps while suffering the highest growth rate in childhood obesity numbers, we are being asked by Democrats to take food off the tables of the poorest of the poor (and, significantly, the most vulnerable minority at that) to pay for an African American woman’s initiative to…make those very same people less fat.


Starvation seems a bit excessive but apparently well within the range of ideas Democrats are willing to pursue so long as potential votes and donors are appeased.


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