Running Against Presidents: Obama Concedes 2010 To The GOP

[update-I just saw this LA Times piece which actually explains why the Dems aren’t running on their record of accomplishments…heh]

There’s no other conclusion to draw. President Obama, on the heels of so many historic legislative accomplishments, continues instead with his strategy of hoping to inspire the Democrat base with the energy and verve he thinks they’ll derive from the steady drumbeat of hammering on history.


Obama’s recent speeches and weekly radio addresses are clear indicators that he has not only conceded 2010 to the Republicans…but that he’s actually begging them to take back Congress before it’s too late. Obama knows he is in over his head, if the numbers of Democrats that are peeling away from him like dead skin from a bad sunburn are any indication, and he understands that November 2 is exactly the sort of life preserver he’ll need if he is to have any chance at a second term in office.

Despite the fact that George Bush is 2 years gone, and 4 (technically) from having had much GOP-style impact on legislation, Obama just can’t seem to quit him. We, the People, know from personal experience however that George Bush has had nothing to do with the pain and suffering of the current American collective; blame for that rests solely at Obama’s feet.

Today’s party of “NO” might be the Republicans…and they’ve said NO with good cause… but our NO warnings have gone unheeded and Obama has gotten all that he has asked for. Unfortunately for him, most of the rest of us remember that it was the Democrat party that was the party of NO before it reinvented itself into the party of “YES WE CAN.” Funny what a being the majority will do for the collective memory of our Political Heroes, ain’t it?

Obama went to the Lone Star State to tell Texans the American economy…his economy…is still hometown boy George W. Bush’s fault. Eight days earlier he told DNC faithful their troubles were to be blamed on the entire Republican party. Granted they paid him $500K to say it but facts fly in the face of Obama’s altered reality.


Obama’s economic policies have failed, his pomposity and arrogance and complete disconnect with the American people has ripped the country into two huge and wholly separate pieces, his leadership is out of control, and even his own cheerleaders are telling him to duck for cover until the blood bath of the midterms is over.

As Estrich points out, while Obama might be running against George Bush on ballots without either name, Democrats are running from him. And all the while, Republicans will be running against Obama and everything his party has done TO us over the last 2 years.

Meanwhile Obama runs away from himself and his record, hoping it will be enough for his party to retain power. It’s not going to work.


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