Can We Dispense, Now, With The Myth That They Feel Our Pain?

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Honestly, I don’t care about the frequency with which our King and his Queen vacation from the tough grind of their having to talk out of both sides of their mouths. And I’ve long since grown accustomed to taking a shiv in the back at the 4th rib from the Monarchy on a fairly routine basis. And I’m fine with them going places I’ll never be able to afford to see or getting really cool stuff I’d never dream of being worthy of owning…but, can we please stop now with the nonsense of being asked to believe that our rulers are just private folk; simple and humble and understated like the rest of the riff raff that walks the streets and pays their bills?



And could someone please tell the White House and that Gibbs creature to shut the hell up already?

The first lady is paying for her own room, food and transportation, and the friends she brought will pay for theirs as well. But the government picks up security costs, and the image of the president’s wife enjoying a fancy vacation at a luxury resort abroad while Americans lose their jobs back home struck some as ill-timed. European papers are having a field day tracking her entourage, a New York Daily News columnist called her “a modern-day Marie Antoinette” and the blogosphere has been buzzing.

The White House said it would not comment. “The first lady is on a private trip,” Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, said this week. “She is a private citizen and is the mother of a daughter on a private trip. And I think I’d leave it at that.”

Nothing about the President and the First Lady is “private”…I mean, I know they have forgotten that we are their employers and all…but it’s not like they can turn turn their lives on and off like a switch. And, how ever much of their glamorous lives they pay for on their own, we’re still spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of OUR money to make sure nothing happens to them while they do it. There’s really no need to rub it in our faces…is there?


Millions are out of work, millions are on food stamps, and millions more on welfare. Our idea of a vacation is the phone being disconnected long enough to miss a few days worth of collection calls. Do we really need to be asked for some level of interest or concern for what the Queen is doing in Europe when she could be here…spending that time on the poor folk from whence she wants us to believe she comes, and believes she is well-suited to relate to?

Enough already.



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