The Impudence Of The DC Aristocracy

For wholly different reasons, I suggest you first have a reading (if you haven’t already) of Erick’s piece this morning about the Elites vs. “we, the People.” It sets the stage nicely for a review of several other little tidbits of news in recent days.


First, we have Harry Reid being praised for slicing through GOP resistance to a State aid bill (with the help of the Maine cupcakes, of course) which “promises cash-strapped governors $16.1 billion to help meet Medicaid payments next year, and $10 billion would go to state and local school boards to preserve teacher jobs.” There’s a slight problem though..well, ok – several slight problems.

This bill is called the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act, and I’d note there is nothing in this title about Teachers Unions or Medicaid. And, there most certainly is nothing in there about taking food off the tables of the poor in order to pay for it. It takes the Politico piece for us to find out what the crooks and hobgoblins in the Senate are up to:

The sudden turnaround followed twin 61-38 Senate votes in which Maine Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe joined in support of the $26.1 billion measure after Democrats agreed to pay for the costs with cuts from their own priorities, including food stamps for the poor.

Paying for teacher jobs (kickbacks to the Unions for their 2008 campaign donations, and in anticipation of getting more for ’10) on the backs of poor people in desperate need of help putting food on their tables to feed their children is no way to govern. It IS a decent way to rule though. The arrogance and impudence our ruling class of elites in Washington continues to display…at the very time when more people than ever are in need of the very thing Democrats have just cut in order to write those kickback checks…bears remembering in the near future.


Erick aptly points out what little concern our Government seems to have for the people it is supposed to represent. I would add that allowing minorities to overrule majorities in what has become a system of corrupt checks and broken balances will destroy this country, and will lead us to one of two ultimate conclusions.

Allowing Government to enrich one group of lives at the expense of another will either stop by way of voting out the ruling class…or the backs of the American people will be sufficiently broken that there will be nothing left for the Government to take.


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