All Hands On Deck For Dan Benishek

Dan Benishek won last night’s primary in Michigan’s 1st Congressional District…by ONE vote. Yes folks, one vote… which proves that every vote does indeed count. But Dr. Dan hasn’t yet won this thing officially because last-minute wonder Jason Allen (rushing to move in to the District barely in time to be eligible to run at all) is gearing up to challenge the count. And, the actual tally has yet to be certified by the State. Guess what that means? Yup…lawyers.


Dr. Dan needs our help…and he needs any spare change we can dig up to help him find a lawyer that will ensure his own rights are being upheld…and that the voices of MI-1 residents are heard.

My esteemed colleague Moe Lane visited with Dr. Dan today about the election results last night, and what lies ahead for the campaign. As always, Moe has done an excellent job with this…give it a listen and THEN – give all you’ve got to help Dr. Dan finish this thing. Benishek is the real deal, and he needs our support in order to get to Washington and start cleaning up the mess they’ve made of things down there.


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