The Disingenuousness Of Democrats, Debbie Stabenow Edition

I can’t create a video clip from C-Span, so all I have is this screen cap…and a link to a shortened segment of the utter nonsense that erupted from her mouth today on the Senate floor.


Stabenow, in complaining about the GOP making her wait the 30 hours granted under Senate rules before a vote on the bill to extend unemployment benefits, stated for the record that the Republicans were just being mean:

While people in Michigan and around the country are waiting, trying to figure out “ok, can I pay the rent tomorrow?” “Can I get gas for my car to go look for another job tomorrow?” “Can I put food on the table tomorrow?” “How am I…what…what…what’s going to happen on Monday?” “What’s going to happen on Tuesday?”

While people are waiting, we have nothing happening here on the floor of the Senate. It’s just burning time. Thirty hours of time and…and in my judgement it’s just mean.

Because, when you look at what has to happen yet, we will pass the bill. We KNOW we’re going to pass the bill. It has to go back to the house, then to the President for signature…I mean, this – at least – is the difference between families getting some help on Friday so they can feed their kids for the weekend, or whether they’re going to have to wait until Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. Now that, and for a lot of folks and for all of us…we’ve got a salary, we’ve got a job…that may not seem like much. For over two and a half million people in this country, who have lost their insurance benefits – and these ARE insurance benefits. You pay in when you’re working to get some temporary help if you lose your job through no fault of your own.

Two and a half million people think waiting from Friday to Monday is a big deal. They, in fact, think Thursday to Friday is a big deal. And what we have is a situation that, frankly, I can’t characterize any other way than just saying it’s just plain mean.


Debbie Stabenow is not only a liar, she is just a good old fashioned pandering fool. To suggest passage of the Unemployment Benefits extension bill today, a Wednesday, is going to put checks at peoples’ doorsteps on Friday so their kids can eat this weekend is the most asinine attempt I have seen in quite some time from Politicians with nothing to lose…except their seats in Congress… and are willing to say anything they think people who care to even BOTHER with Congress anymore will want to hear.

By the way, the bill was voted on and passed TODAY (Wednesday); Brown voted no while the Maine cupcakes Collins and Snowe voted yes (go figure)… I hope Stabenow’s constituents are in her State offices in Michigan on Friday with their hands held out so she can deliver their checks in person.

Of course, we know how THAT will turn out.

[Note: This post originates at 73WIre]


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